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The Last Picnic by BlueEyesNeko
Cousins by BlueEyesNeko

About Me

... by BlueEyesNeko:

Get To Know Blue!
Hi! I'm BlueEyesNeko! You may call me Blue, BEN, Neko, or anything else you desire, but my real name is Haley. I'm also known on other sites as BlueDragon2196. I've been drawing since I was two years old and I've never stopped loving art! I plan to major in some kind of art, hoping I'll be able to get into concept art. I'm a freshman in college, and I'm pretty busy! So there will most likely be a mini hiatus every now and then. I also play bass guitar. One side of my family is artistic, and the other side is musical, so I'm pretty balanced. Below you can see all of the stuff I like, so feel free to note me or comment on my profile if you'd like to chat about something :D

Long Distance Relationships by KrisReyGamer Stamp by HazelmereI love orange stamp by violetsteel
Aquarius Stamp by mylastelFangirl stamp by sumenyaI Love Blonde Hair by Zimmette-Stock

♥ Stuff I Like ♥
Pokemon - Anime - Shopping - Nail Polish - Ed Edd & Eddy YouTube - Minecraft - Gaming - Skyrim - Art - Cute Stuff Drawing - Deadliest Catch - Ghost Shows - NFL - ASMR Star Trek - Copic Markers - Big Bang Theory - Supernatural - Avatar: The Last Airbender - Legend of Korra - Christmas

Universe Stamp by Kezzi-RoseSleep is Overrated Stamp by Mirz123Wishful Thinking by whispwill
Painfully Insecure Stamp by Mirz123Here to Help! by ashestoNight Owl Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123

3DS Friend Code
Please message me if you add me, so I can add you as well!! I play Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Tomodachi Life, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, and Pokemon X (:

My YouTube Life

I Have A Pen Pal Stamp by Over-My-Head41camera stamp by Fire-FelineSpeed-paint is love by Next--LVL

I have three YouTube Channels!
On my Main Channel, you'll find Sketchbook reviews, Random Vlogs, Piggy's Tea Party, and the Pen Pals Series.
My Speedpaint Channel has speedpaints :D
And on my daily vlogging channel you can watch me go through everyday life!
Art Channel: BlueDragon2196
Artsy Vlog Channel: Haley Bop

Where You Can Find Me!

YouTube by angelkittinInstagram Stamp by Jenop12Goodreads stamp by NerahyeTwitter Stamp by SparkLumPinterest stamp by newwoodland

Social Media
Art Tumblr: bluedragon2196

Nerd/Fandom Tumblr: blondiegamernerd

Instagram: blueeyesneko

Snapchat: blueeyesneko

goodreads: blueeyesneko or Haley

Twitter: Blue_Eyes_Neko

Pinterest: BlueEyesNeko

Livestream: BlueEyesNeko


I love my watchers by tRiBaLmArKiNgSThank you my friends STAMP by izka197Thank You For The... Stamp by Mirz123

What program(s) do you use?
I use Paint Tool SAI for my digital artwork. In my opinion, it's better than Photoshop in many ways. It's easier to learn, can get just as amazing, if not better, results than Photoshop, and it's cheaper. I recommend this program to anyone who is a beginner, and even if you're not a beginner!

What do you use for your traditional artwork?
Some things I use more than others. But altogether my supplies are: Basics Acrylic Paints, Van Gogh Watercolors, Speedball India Ink, Mechanical pencils, Copic markers and multiliners, Prismacolor colored pencils, Moleskine sketchbooks, white gel pen, Micron Multiliners, and nail polish!

What kind of tablet do you use?
I am still using my first tablet, which is a Bamboo Fun tablet. I HIGHLY recommend Bamboo products, if you can find them. I had my Bamboo Fun tablet for 5 years and never had problems with it. I never changed the nib on my pen either in those 5 years. It wore down, but it was still usable. I tried a more expensive tablet from Intuos and, honestly, it was crap. So I'm going to run this tablet into the ground before I get a new one!

What got you into art?
Many things. I remember watching Bob Ross when I was very young, Disney has always been a HUGE influence, and honestly, I can't really answer this in a straight forward way. I've ALWAYS been into art. I don't really know what put the bug in my head that gave me my passion for art, but I do know that I always wanted to work for Disney. I guess I was just born with a crayon in my hand. I drew my first "Stik Cow" when I was two years old, and have been drawing ever since. Growing up, I didn't have paper, I had paper plates. So that's where I started from and now I'm expanding my horizons with digital art, painting, etc! I just hope to improve everyday and I hope that someday I can get my artwork out there for everyone to admire!

What's your favorite thing to draw?
I like drawing fan art the most. I LOVE painting still life and landscape pictures in Acrylics, but fan art has always been my favorite thing. I love making up characters and drawing them, as well. Digitally I'll do fan art almost 100% of the time, traditional art not so much. I mainly draw Pokemon, My Little Pony, Chibis, my OCs, my "Twisty Trees", and I'm currently getting into drawing cats.

Do you take commissions?
I do! I recently opened a PayPal account so those who don't have enough points can commission me through that! All you have to do is read my Commission Policy and note me with your commission request, and I'll tell you how to pay me! It's super easy, but I'll also take point commissions!! I use the points as much as I can for renewing my premium membership, so they're helpful too!

Do you accept requests?
I do not. Every once in a while, when I've run out of inspiration, I'll take a few themed requests. (ex. Pokemon, MLP, OC, etc..) I'll put those in a journal, so keep your eyes out!

How can you spend so long on one picture?
I find it more relaxing to take my time with a piece, and make sure it's how I like it, than rush it and be disappointed with it later. I don't know how artists can only spend an hour on one full colored piece. I always have to have at LEAST two or three hours. Sometimes I work so hard and so long on one picture that I burn myself out, but I'd rather have that than rush a picture and have it turn out not-so-great. I try to listen to ASMR or relaxing music when I work on big, intimidating, pictures so that I make sure to take my time and relax when I work on them.

Can we do an art trade?
Sorry, but no. I only do art trades with my closer friends I talk to all the time, because I know it'll get done. The only other time I would accept a random art trade is if an artist was requesting art trades and I was intrigued by their art style/challenge/characters/etc..


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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 22, 2015, 12:19 PM
Hi guys!! So a lot has been going on, and I'd really appreciate some help. I recently had to put all of my fall tuition into my car, and my bank account is yelling at me. I have some odd jobs going on over the summer, but that isn't much money. I have a slim chance of having a job at a local scrapbook/crafty shop but I would hardly have any hours. I'm taking two summer classes (Speech now and my Psychology class starts on the 6th-31st) but they're only in the mornings, so the rest of the day I just chill out and finish my homework, if I have any. That means I have time for commissions until mid-August! I've been working on a couple bigger paintings for some people, but they won't be done for a while, and I don't know if they'll even pay me for them, to be honest (the biggest one is for my sister, and she'll probably pull the family card =.= bite me).

So I'm deciding to open up some commission slots to see if I can get some extra cash for books/tuition and MAYBE the new 3DS XL, but school comes first. I do have extra time now, so now would be the best chance to ask for something! I'm doing PayPal only because points are worthless to me at the moment.

:star: Commission Slots :star:

(If these fill up quickly I WILL open more!!)

:star: Please NOTE me your order!! :star:

Here's what I'm offering:
:star: Creature OC Designs - $4.00 per character
:star: Feline Character with FULL background - $10.00 for single character; $5.00 for any extra characters added
:star: Copic Animal Crossing Character cutouts - $7.00; $3.50 for any extra characters added (need to be comfortable with giving me your address so I can mail it to you!)
:star: Human/Anthro Chibi with Transparent Background - $5.00 per character
:star: Animal Crossing Character with Transparent Background - $5.00 per character
:star: Galaxy Shoes - $20.00 (address needed)
:star: Character Headshot - $4.00 per character

If you don't want a transparent background, here are your options:
:star: Simple Background - $2.00 EXTRA
:star: Painted Background - $6.00 EXTRA (price may vary depending on how detailed you want)

I will NOT draw:
Nudity/Sexual Themes
Certain animals (ask me about yours)

What I WILL draw:
My Little Ponies
Humans (chibi-ish)
Video Game Characters
Movie Characters

:star: RULES :star:
:bulletblue: If I'm not comfortable drawing what you're asking for, please do not get mad. We'll work something out!
:bulletblue: I will not draw a single line until I am paid FIRST. Been scammed way too many times to fall for that again.
:bulletblue: NOTE me your order! Do NOT comment!


If you can't commission me, it would be very helpful if you told others about my commissions. Thank you c:
~Blue :meow:

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BlueEyesNeko has started a donation pool!
60 / 200
This is just a donation pool for donations.
Every little bit is appreciated very very much!! (:

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To-Do List

Paint Tool SAI by FleanaCopic Markers by Angela-StampsTraditional Art Junkie Stamp by Sylladexter

Collab with xxMoonwish


Illuminated Confidence

Art I Still Have To Post

Twisty Tree Series - Drawing Theory
Paintings from Painting 1
Illuminated Confidence WIP
"Fantailsy" Progress

Y U NO GET SMALLER by JLMagianBy Me, for Me by savagebinn

My Commission Prices!!

My Commissions and Policy!! [ OPEN - PAYPAL ONLY ]:star: What I'm saving for! :star:
College expenses
:star: Rules!! Please Read!! :star:
:bulletblack: I will NOT do any kind of inappropriate scenes! (sexual themes, etc..)
:bulletblack: My 'Will Do' sections are just suggestions! Don't be afraid to ask me about something else. We can work out a deal.
:bulletblack: If you want an OC, I MUST have a reference!! I don't want to be blamed for your OC not turning out the way you wanted because you didn't have anything for me to go off of! If it's a character from a fandom/show/video game/etc..I can most likely find a reference to use. You'll just have to tell me the pose, etc.. you want.
:bulletblack: Please do not ask me to lower my prices. I hope you'll understand I actually want to make something from the work I put into these pieces.
:bulletblack: NOTE ME FIRST!! Order your commissions through a note so I can make sure I have all the facts straight for your commission!!
:bulletblack: I will tell you

:points: Commission Prices :points:
No Examples to show yet
Price: 300 Points or $3.00
Additional Character: 200 Points EACH or $2.00 EACH
Price: 400 Points or $4.00
Creature Design
Price: 400 Points EACH or $4.00 EACH
Please read the DESIGNS section of my Commission Policy for details/rules! (:
Chibi w/ Transparent Background
Example + Example
Price: 400 Points or $4.00
Additional Character: 200 Points EACH or $2.00 EACH
Humans/Humanoids only!
Full Character w/ Transparent Background
Example + Example
Price: 500 Points or $5.00
Additional Character: 300 Points EACH or $3.00 EACH
Simple Background Fee
Example + Example
Price: 200 Points or $2.00
Painted Background Fee
Price: 600 Points or $6.00
Feline w/ Painted Background
Example + Example + Example
Price: 1000 Points or $10.00
Additional Character: 400 Points EACH or $4.00 EACH
Small Charm with Clasp
Price: 600 Points or $6 EACH
Complexity fees may apply

Points Commissions Stamp by HornedStorm Stamp: Commissions open by sionra Paypal Accepted Stamp by dalmins

Stamps! :D

Star Trek stamp by Bourbons3Pokemon Stamp by LadyQuintessenceHarvest Moon Fan by ClefairyKidGolden Sun - Dark Dawn Stamp by Megg-LavenderRO stamp v2 by Spanexseto stamp by the-f-wordDisney Frozen Stamp by TwilightProwlerBacon stamp. by Shark-BitesWarriors Stamp by GoldencloudEEnE Stamp by adipotterDeadliest Catch by stamps-clubI Love Music Stamp Collab by fear-the-brillianceMindcrack Stamp by mute-owlShiny Glaceon by MarlenesstampsMARVEL The Amazing Spiderman Stamp by TwilightProwlerKahn Stamp 2 by ScrapegraceDisney Stamp by Disney-LovePokemon X by MarlenesstampsThere's more to 2D than disney by ilaaariaDA Stamp - I Love Cosplay 01 by tppgraphics-Minecraft- Dr. Wood Puncher by NorthboundFoxRarity Stamp by Mel-RoseyStudio Ghibli Love by ReverieSummonersailor moon stamp by cottonballstamp: tokyo mew mew by FairyxWingzLindsey Stirling by HeartOfArendelleNickelback Stamp by Kezzi-Rosevideo game stamp by silver-escapeAnimal Crossing New Leaf Stamp by XxAmyxXxSimons Cat _Fly PWNED_ Stamp by ImHisEternalAngelStamp Love Macaron by hase-illustrationSherlock by 1stClassStampsBlack Ops II Stamp by GlitchKing123Supernatural stamp by kshapiroPewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwlerFree Stamp - DFTBA by KellyPonyAdoptables Stamp by KavileneStamp - Chocolate! by MauserGirlGhost Adventures by phoenixtsukinoAvatar Stamp by CallistoHimeLegend of Korra Stamp by Nemo-TV-ChampionHoliday Card Project Stamp by Heidi

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Every fav or comment tells me that people do like what I'm doing, it's a wonderful feedback that tells me that what I'm creating is interesting to others. Thank you for your support and love.


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